• During the COVID-19 Pandemic, council held virtual meetings, added a Public Health Coordinator, participated in Recovery Task force, and managed the budget
  • Scranton shed the Act 47 Distressed Status after three decades, with improvements to its financial sustainability and independence 
  • Participated in Blight and Permit task forces which were created to improve policy and procedure within Code Enforcement
  • Voted on software and website changes to allow for a more user friendly site with improved ways for residents to submit complaints and access information
  • Responded to citizen complaints and worked together with city departments to address various concerns
  • Developed working relationships with city department directors, engaged in regular meetings, participated in ride alongs with SPD and DPW
  • Voted on changes to Quality of Life ordinance to better control blight and to increase enforcement
  • Enacted a Conversion Therapy Ban to protect LGBTQ youth
  • Voted on significant changes to the Rental Registration ordinance to increase accountability of property owners and allow for inspections to improve safety of rentals


Priorities for the future
  • Continue to fight against blight and to increase compliance in property owners and to clean up our neighborhoods
  • Develop a sidewalk repair program
  • Improve the city’s walkability after the walkability study is completed
  • Implement rental registration changes
  • Restore Nay Aug’s pool complex
  • Continue to attract young professionals and start-ups in the city
  • Help support existing businesses
  • Add environmental policies including the creation of an Environmental Advisory Council
  • Increase the number of nonprofits participating in the PILOT (payment in-lieu of taxes) program