Transparency and Communication
The people of Scranton deserve a transparent, local government that they can trust. Jessica supports adding to the Ethics Code and the development of an Ethics Board to address ethical concerns among city officials. She believes that another way the City of Scranton can strengthen trust with its residents is by enhancing its communication methods. Scranton residents need easier ways to contact city officials to file a complaint or make a request. The city also needs a better system to track and address issues throughout Scranton. The city’s website is not well organized or being utilized to its full potential. Revamping the website and adding social media and apps would provide a more effective and efficient way of communicating.


Homes and Businesses
Scranton has so much to offer, especially in terms of a low cost of living and affordable housing, but more incentives and grants are needed to attract people to the area and to keep people here. There are too many blighted properties that need help and revitalization. Jessica wants to end the current trend of lifelong residents losing their homes because of tax collection. As Scranton is a financially distressed city, local businesses often struggle to stay afloat. Many small businesses have closed or moved outside of the city. We need to make improvements to keep local businesses thriving. By addressing Scranton’s homes and businesses, we can bring the city back to its former glory.


Retaining College Graduates and Attracting Young Professionals
Scranton has a very low retention rate for college students, despite there being 9 colleges and universities in Lackawanna County. If we engage more with those schools and provide opportunities for students to find internships and good paying jobs, we can keep more college graduates in our city. There is also a lack of industry growth in Scranton, creating a limited availability of family-sustaining jobs and causing people to leave the area.

Environmental Issues
Jessica’s plan is to ensure that municipal business is conducted in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. She will promote the development of green infrastructure and construction projects by governmental and private entities, which will lead to job creation. City planning is to be based not only on current public needs, but with consideration towards the long-term ramifications of these actions. A development plan to address environmental issues will help to foster a stronger and healthier community that can attract further investment by local and outside businesses.